What’s Brewing?

Welcome to Kaffeine! We have a passion for computers and coffee. Grab a cup and have a look around!

Kaffeine currently has two parts to it: Kaffeine Software (where we publish … *drumroll* … software!) and Kaffeine TV. Go check them out! Join the Kaffeine Community to share your feedback, or simply come say “hi”. 😄


Kaffeine Software now has a Play Store Listing Certificate. Click on “Learn more” for the details.

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Unmessify 1.3.x is out now with major changes to the backend, and highly requested features. With the 1.3.1 release, 1.2.x support is terminated. Please update the app to continue using it with all the new features and improvements.

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Kaffeine exists because of its supporters. If you like the stuff we brew, consider supporting us through the Buy Me A Coffee widget on the bottom right.